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  • Leaving Procrastination Behind Increases Your Options
    by Sherri Edwards - August 10, 2018
    Procrastination may be one of the most self-sabotaging and all-too-common behaviors leading to failure to achieve career or work-related goals. Some might say many forms of procrastination are “human nature.” Perhaps. You can Google hundreds of articles on the subject written by psychologists who tell us there is more to it than that. Regardless of the cause, the outcome is the same: your options are typically limi...
  • The Risks of Working for a People Pleasing Leader
    by Dr. Maynard Brusman - August 9, 2018
    Working for someone who is a people-pleaser may seem fairly innocuous or even desirable, but such leaders pose daunting challenges for their organizations. If you work for a people-pleaser, you most likely see the inherent problems and confess to seeking ways to maneuver around them. People-pleasing leaders have some beneficial traits, but their behaviors can threaten survival in today’s highly competitive and r...
  • Hack Your Brain to Become A Better Leader
    by Steve Farber - August 8, 2018
    The entrepreneur’s brain at times can resemble the grand finale of a million-dollar fireworks show. Music’s blaring and things are blowing up all over the place. And while it’s pretty and entertaining, it’s also out of control, hard to follow, and a bit exhausting. It’s easy during these times for leaders to end up mentally drained and emotionally overwhelmed by the high-speed, explosive challe...
  • Executive Resume Writing Tip: Slow Down, Go Deep
    by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - August 7, 2018
    This week’s Top Tip for executives reinvigorating their executive resume is to slow down and go deep into your thought archives before writing your critical career story. Without considerable introspection and layers of thought work related to the ultimate goal of preparing a focused, meaningful and compelling story, your resume will fall flat, like a cake without baking powder.
  • Are These Your Job Search Challenges?
    by Carole Kanchier - August 6, 2018
    Have you ever been told you’re perfect for the job, then received a rejection letter? Has an employer said he’d call and failed to do so? Have you sent out several resumes and received no acknowledgments? These and other job search challenges can be resolved by common sense, good timing, networking, research and confidence. The following discusses common dilemmas and possible strategies for dealing with them....
  • Your Resume: Fact or Fiction?
    by Georgia Adamson - August 3, 2018
    Your resume should communicate to prospective employers the value you actually and legitimately have (fact), not embellish unnecessarily, exaggerate or invent value (fiction). Don’t be tempted to “gild the lily” and risk causing yourself possibly major headaches down the road. (Note: According to Urban Dictionary, “gild the lily” represents “a condensation of Shakespeare’s metaphor in...
  • When to Ask for a Reference
    by Mary Jeanne Vincent - August 2, 2018
    A few years back I asked a gardener friend about the best time to plant fruit trees. His response, “Ten years ago.” And then he asked if I would like to know the second-best time. I took the bait and said, “of course.” To which he answered, “today.” Which brings me to the topic of this week’s column — references, testimonials and letters of recommendation. When is the best ti...
  • How To Be More Hirable - What Every Executive Should Know
    by Louise Garver - August 1, 2018
    The executive job market continues to evolve. Think about it. The intro of social media and LinkedIn are top on the list. But, changes to the executive job market don’t stop there. Explosion of Executive Networks There are many executive networks out there, too. For example, SeniorExecutiveNetwork.com (SEN) and ExecutivesNetwork.com. A growing number of industry networks are online too. Consider Technol...
  • Do You Manage Your Career As Well As Your To-Do List?
    by Lisa Rangel - July 31, 2018
    We all have a to-do list. To-do lists take all kinds of forms: written lists in notebooks, notepads, organizers, napkins, task functions on phones, Evernote, etc… You name it and you can probably put a to do list item on it, right? Me? I have a short term to do list I keep on post-its, these being the items I need to get done that day. I also have a running to-do list with long term items that can be done as ti...
  • Are Attractive People More Successful?
    by Carole Kanchier - July 30, 2018
    Want some career advice? Look in the mirror. Appearance matters more than you think! Numerous studies on variables related to getting, keeping and advancing on the job revealed that appearance and looking young gives workers the competitive advantage in the job market and workplace. Noted economist, Daniel S. Hamermesh in his book, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, shows that the attractive are more...